Hello, I’m Michael Mucklow, the music composer behind the moniker Shadows of Clouds.You may already know about my solo guitar music for which I am primarily recognized. What I compose for SoC falls into the Ambient Downtempo genre and is a style I have liked for many years and in which I’ve occasionally created a composition. It was only recently, since about mid 2018, that more and more ideas started coming; enough for me to consider that perhaps I could pursue this genre and be equally inspired and creative.I believe this music is a further extension of the underlying emphasis of all the music I do: relaxing, calming, meditative, healing. As I mention in the bio for my guitar music, two songs that had a big impact on me – even before learning to play an instrument – were ‘A Summer Place’ and ‘Moon River’; something in me just connected with these compositions. I think that “something” informs my creative facet.I hope Shadows of Clouds music is enjoyable for you to listen to. I hope it will enable you to escape the noise and enjoy some quiet moments.